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SaveBee Farm

SaveBee Farm is an online game focused on blockchain and bee preservation. The objective of the game is to build a "farm" of bees where players can over time withdraw winnings. Part of the proceeds from the sale and availability of HONEYCOMBS (game currency) will be donated to bee preservation projects.
Initially the player makes an investment in SAVEBEE to participate in the game, with this investment he receives a beehive for his farm and HONEYCOMBS (game currency) to buy the game resources. With this investment the player starts his farm which can be reinvested to increase his production and in the future converted to SAVEBEE. The more you play, the more you earn.
Over time the game will receive updates with many new features such as NFT bee breeding with special effects, cooperative modes, mini games and battles to defend the hives
HONEYCOMBS can be traded between players, or can be used to exchange for more SAVEBEE. Welcome to the company wiki! Here you'll find everything you need to know about the game.

Community and Treatment of information

Aiming to create a well-structured game that serves investors and players, the Savebee team has professionals dedicated to customer success, where the community is always very welcome with suggestions and complaints.
Currently, the team is structured to respond to any demand created through forms within 24 hours, relying on message redirection technology. After 5 minutes of making the complaint, a notification is generated in the central team responsible for solving problems.
Complaints and suggestions can be made through the form by clicking here.
The project also counts on the Worker Bees Initiative, where periodically players are called to be part of an exclusive team of collaborators, sharing strategies to publicize the SaveBee universe receiving rewards in in-game items and coins.
To better understand the flow of messages within the team, the following flowchart illustrates this.
Information flow in the SaveBee team.

Our Mission

The function of SAVEBEE and HONEYCOMB tokens goes far beyond being a monetary value to exchange, as is money. With SaveBee you are investing your money in preserving the environment and still receive the expectation of financial profit for the high value of this crypto asset.


  • Promote the protection of bees as the main pollination agents;
  • Support projects that help reduce global warming;
  • Support projects to support organic and sustainable agriculture;
  • Support environmental protection organizations;
  • Support family farming projects;
  • Create the Urban Bees project to introduce the management and production of honey with stingless bees into schools and communities.
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